Golf Canada currently holds 7,300 books, works from 3,400 authors, tens of thousands of photographs and an extensive collection of periodicals. These items help create the golf library which is considered to be one of the largest collection in the world. Extra copies that this library has obtained have sometimes been donated to the World Golf Hall of Fame and the United States Golf Association Museum. Although the library is currently located in the basement of Golf Canada’s offices, it is available to the public for research purposes. Golf Canada’s library is in constant evolution and is always hungry to add to its collection.

Often people turn to Honourable Members or others for primary resource material, which can render the gathering of information very difficult. Which is why all Canadian Golf Clubs that have written or published about golf’s history should send the library a copy to help researchers or contribute to the learning experience of our curious audience. 


While researching for a book about his grandfather and great uncle, Ian Murray came across the prolific golf writings of Robert Stanley Weir. Thanks to his countless hours of research, and writing the content for this feature article, Ian Murray has resurrected Weir within Canadian golf history.

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There are over 100,000 images in our collection that have not been digitized or catalogued because they are in slide format. They are filed by tournament years, but we have not actually done a complete inventory of our photographs simply because we do not have the time and money. However, if you are interested in helping the library, please donate to “Golf Heritage” here.