The Seagram Gold Cup

Canadian Open Trophy (1936 – 1970)

In 1936, Seagram Company became the first major sponsor of Canadian Open and Golf Canada (formerly the Royal Canadian Golf Association) to accept to replace the Rivermead Cup with the Seagram Gold Cup. The trophy was designed to incorporate images of Canada, including maples and beavers. Rather than the usual inscription of the winner’s name on the trophy, this trophy has a hollow base where a specially designed box contains a scroll with the names of the champions recorded in the illuminated calligraphy.


1936 Lawson Little

1937 Harry Cooper

1938 Sam Snead

1939 Jug McSpaden

1940 Sam Snead

1941 Sam Snead

1942 Craig Wood

1943 – 1944 No championship due to war

1945 Byron Nelson

1946 George Fazio

1947 Bobby Locke

1948 Chuck Congdon

1955 Canadian Open champion Arnold Palmer with the Seagram Gold Cup.

1949 Dutch Harrison

1950 Jim Ferrier

1951 Jim Ferrier

1952 Johnny Palmer

1953 Dave Douglas

1954 Pat Fletcher

1955 Arnold Palmer

1956 Doug Sanders

1957 George Bayer

1958 Wes Ellis

1959 Doug Ford


1960 Art Wall, Jr.

1961 Jacky Culpit

1962 Ted Kroll

1963 Doug Ford

1964 Ken Nagle

1965 Gene Littler

1966 Don Massengale

1967 Billy Casper

1968 Bob Charles

1969 Tommy Aaron

1970 Kermit Zarley


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