The Jack Bailey Trophy

Awarded to the Canadian Juvenile Boy’s champion from 1970 to present.

Jack Bailey trophy

In 1970, the RGCA introduced a new category to its junior tournament ranks, the Canadian Juvenile Championship. Separate from the Canadian Junior Boy’s Championship, the Juvenile Championship would be competed for by individuals 16 years of age and younger. The Jack Bailey trophy, named after the avid supporter of junior golf in Canada and member of the Hamilton Golf and Country Club until the time of his death, has been handed out yearly to the Juvenile Boy’s champion since 1970. The sterling silver trophy has been crafted into the shape of a jug, with the names of the previous winners engraved on its top. The base of the trophy has been made of maple and has been painted black.


1970 Robbie Jackson

1971 Murry McLaren

1972 Ted Pease

1973 Bill Parker

1974 Jamie Kavanagh

1975 Jim Rutledge

1976 Matthew Shaw

1977 Eric Kaufmanis

1978 Rick Sepp

1979 Chris Dockrill

1980 Marc Chamberland

1981 Brian Vance

1982 John Fram, Jr.

1983 Drew Hartt

1984 Richard Mazuyrk

1985 Christopher Barbour

1986 Mike Weir

1987 Jeff Makohon

1988 Dale Goehring

1989 Jeremy Julie

1990 Rob McMillan

1991 Brian McCann

1992 Rob McMillan

1993 Chris Baldwin

1994 Brent Landry

1995 Jesse Collinson

1996 Gordy Scutt

1997 Dustin Risdon

1998 Matt Makinson

1999 Peter Riddell

2000 Richard Scott

2001 Ryan Yip

2002 Seann Harlington

2003 Greg Doherty

2004 Rafael Lee

2005 Matt Hill

2006 Mathieu Rivard

2007 Eugene Wong

2008 Mitch Sutton

2009 Brandon Ng

2010 Adam Svensson

2011 Kevin Kwon

2012 Trevor Yu

2013 Andrew Harrison

2014 Tony Gil

2015 Charles-Eric Belanger

2016 Thomas Critch

2017 Christopher Vandette

2018 Christopher Vandette

2019 Luke DelGobbo

2020 No Championship

2021 Cooper Humphreys

2022 Andre Zhu



2022 Canadian Juvenile Boys champion, Andre Zhu

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