The du Maurier Trophy

Canadian Open Trophy (1971 – 1993)

In 1971 a new sponsor, The Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, introduced the Peter Jackson Trophy which later became the du Maurier Trophy. This trophy was unique in the golf world as a special base was created with a soapstone carving being given to the winner to keep permanently. A different piece of Inuit art was added yearly and the soapstone carving would feature various subjects including wildlife or natives, and sometimes featured horn or bone. The first recipient was Lee Trevino.


1971 Lee Trevino

1972 Gay Brewer

1973 Tom Weiskopf

1974 Bobby Nichols

1975 Tom Weiskopf

1976 Jerry Pate

1977 Lee Trevino

1978 Bruce Lietzke


1979 Lee Trevino

1980 Bob Gilder

1981 Peter Oosterhuis

1982 Bruce Leitzke

1983 John Cook

1984 Greg Norman

1985 Curtis Strange

1986 Bob Murphy


1987 Curtis Strange

1988 Ken Green

1989 Steve Jones

1990 Wayne Levi

1991 Nick Price

1992 Greg Norman

1993 David Frost

1972 Canadian Open champion Gay Brewer with du Maurier trophy


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