The Canadian Junior Boys Golf Championship

Awarded to the Canadian Junior Boy’s champion from 1959 to present.

Canadian Junior Boys trophy


In 1959, the Canadian Junior Boy’s Championship underwent a change in its format, from stroke play to match play, introducing both the inaugural Canadian Interprovincial Junior Team Championship and Canadian Junior Match Play Championship. At the Kanawaki Golf Club in Montreal, Quebec, the location of the championship, the Pepsi-Cola Silver Cup was introduced to coincide with the change in format and would be named after the tournament’s sponsor, Pepsi-Cola Canada. While the trophy has remained the same since 1959, the trophy is now referred to simply as, the Canadian Junior Golf Championship, following the exiting of Pepsi-Cola as the tournament’s main sponsor. The sterling silver trophy has a simple, bowled design, with a maple base that has been painted black. Around the base are individual silver plates featuring the names of past champions inscribed on them.


1959 Alan Kennedy

1960 Brian Wilcox

1961 Terry Campbell

1962 Norman Mogil

1963 Wayne Vollmer

1964 Jim Sced

1965 Ian Thomas

1966 Wayne McDonald

1967 Jay Paukkunen

1968 Doug Stewart

1969 Dale Tallon

1970 Doug Roxburgh

1971 Kelly Roberts

1972 Robbie Jackson

1973 Robbie Jackson

1974 Jim Harrison

1975 Jim Goddard

1976 Andre Nols

1977 Jim Rutledge

1978 Danny Maue

1979 Rick Sepp

1980 Keith Westover

1981 Kevin Dugas

1982 Jack Kay

1983 Brent Franklin

1984 Brent Franklin

1985 Todd Fanning

1986 Todd Fanning

1987 Jeff Kraemer

1988 Brad Newman-Bennet

1989 Jeff Makohon

1990 Greg Trammell

1991 Curtis Thompson

1992 Rob McMillan

1993 Rob McMillan

1994 Rob McMillan

1995 Jesse Collinson

1996 Dan Chartrand

1997 Dustin Risdon

1998 Gordy Scutt

1999 Kevin Klebe

2000 Michael Mezei

2001 James Lepp

2002 James Lepp

2003 Ryan Lecuyer

2004 Rafael Lee

2005 Mitchell Fox

2006 Nick Taylor

2007 Graham Baillargeon

2008 Mitch Sutton

2009 Mitch Sutton

2010 Richard Jung

2011 Kevin Kwon

2012 Adam Svensson

2013 Kevin Kwon

2014 James Austin

2015 Charles-Eric Belanger

2016 Sam Meek

2017 Calvin Ross

2018 Christopher Vandette

2019 Christopher Vandette

2021 Jean-Philippe Parr

2022 Jean-Philippe Parr


2022 Canadian Junior Boys champion, Jean-Philippe Parr


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