The Buckingham Trophy

Canadian Junior Boy’s Champion (1938 – 1958)

Conducted by Golf Canada since 1938, when the first championship was played at London Hunt and Country Club in London, Ont., the Junior Boy’s Championship has given Canadians a glimpse into the future glory that many of its champions have gone on to enjoy. The Buckingham trophy was awarded to the champion yearly, from the inaugural championship until 1958, at which time the RGCA chose to continue forward with a match play format. The trophy is sterling silver, featuring nine individual pillars that circle a central pillar, located at the trophy’s center. Situated at the top of the nine smaller pillars are flags of the nine provinces at the time (Newfoundland had not yet been made a part of Canada until roughly a decade after the trophy had first been awarded). Situated at the top of the central pillar is the Canadian Coat of Arms with the figurine of a golfer sitting at the very top of the trophy. The base of the trophy is maple and includes sterling silver plaques with the names of previous winners engraved on them.


1938 James Hogan

1939 Howard Bennett

1940-1945 No championship

1946 Gerry Kesselring

1948 Bill Mawhinney

1949 Bob Hall

1950 Doug Silverberg

1951 Laurie Roland

1952 Lea Windsor

1953 Gordon MacKenzie

1954 Grant Dearnaley

1955 George Knudson

1956 Gary Cowan

1957 Bill Wakeham

1958 Bob Panasik


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