The Canadian Golfer

The Canadian Golfer was the first golf magazine published in Canada.  Honoured Member Ralph Reville was not only the founder of the magazine, but he was also the publisher, contributing and managing editor.  Many Canadian authors also used this publication as a forum including poet Walter Hastings Webling.

The Canadian Golfer was published monthly from 1915 to 1940 and featured many stories relating to greenkeeping, the Rules of Golf, the formation of new clubs, the construction of new courses, provincial and national championships and annual meetings of clubs.  Stories pertaining to up-and-coming golfers were also featured.

The magazine was also distributed internationally with much success.  Lord Alness from Edinburgh said, “The Canadian Golfer is a model which many of our British golf papers might well imitate.”

Due to the wide publication years of the magazine, the Canadian Golfer is often the first primary resource that researchers look at.

We have made a searchable index of all of the Canadian Golfer magazines to assist researchers, or you can try to search within each individual issue in the pdf documents.