About Us


In fulfilling its mandate, the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum will preserve, protect and promote the evolving history of the game of golf in Canada.



The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum (CGHF) has worked hard in remembering, acknowledging, and representing all Canadian golfers and memorable moments of history. It is easy to recall big names such George Knudson, Mike Weir or Sandra Post. However, amateur golfers and the people who have made golf the game it is today, are also a huge part of the museum. Over the years Golf Canada has collected and catalogued numerous artifacts, documents and books related to golf. In 1966, a committee was established to help grow the Museum into what it is today. Back in the early 90’s, Golf Canada created a plan to build a permanent home that would allow the public to experience its national golf history. The Museum is open to anyone who wants to share the love of golf or to simply learn more about the game.


The archives of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum serve as the central repository for Golf Canada as well as a vast collection of materials obtained through public donations and from members of the National Allied Golf Associations and the Provincial Golf Associations.

You can view some of the archival collection through the online photo database, however, much of the collection is not yet archived online.

We are pleased to offer research services to assist you in locating offline materials.

Some research fees may apply. Please refer to our Research and Referencing Fee Schedule.

To assist you with your research, our library collection is searchable online.

If you would like to aid in the preservation of golf history, we are always accepting donations. Please click here to access our Donations page.