Mary Pyke Trophy

Canadian Junior Interprovincial Team Low Aggregated Gross Score Trophy (1957 – 1962)
Canadian Junior Interprovincial Team Low Aggregated Net Score Trophy (1963 – 2006)
Canadian Junior Interprovincial Team Trophy (2007 – Present)


There was some confusion in 2007 when the Mary Pyke Trophy reappeared at the Junior Girls’ Championship.

The Mary Pyke Rose Bowl trophy was first presented to the Canadian Ladies Golf Union by Mrs. Graeme (Mary) Pyke. It was awarded by the CLGU in 1957 to the junior provincial team with lowest aggregated score in the junior interprovincial team matches.

Just five years later, the Mary Pyke Rose Bowl was “reassigned” to be given for the low aggregate net score – so that the Ada Mackenzie trophy could be awarded to the overall winning team.

It may seem hard to believe, as the Ada Mackenzie trophy is so closely tied to the Canadian Senior Women’s Championship but that did not occur until 1971. That year the Ada Mackenzie trophy was suitably “recast” as the Senior Trophy and the CLGA Junior Challenge Trophy was introduced in its place.

Following the amalgamation of the RCGA and the CLGA, the new Championship Division sought to reflect the new status of women’s amateur golf in Canada in the championship trophies. In 2007, given the history behind the Mary Pyke trophy, it was decided to reinstate the role it was intended for – the Junior Interprovincial Team Trophy.

Inconsistencies to the engravings are expected as many individuals who read the trophy’s many winners might be confused as to what the trophy was awarded for.

Winners from 2007

2007     British Columbia

2008     British Columbia

2009     Quebec

2010     Ontario

2011     British Columbia

2012     Ontario

2013     Alberta

2014     Quebec

2015     British Columba

2016     British Columbia

2017     Ontario

2018     Quebec

2019     British Columbia

2022     Ontario

2022 champion Team Ontario

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