Gordon Witteveen

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Gordon Witteveen

Inducted: 2012

Born: May 19, 1934.
Place of Birth: Netherlands
Died: December 16, 2010.

Gord Witteveen’s career was dedicated to the world of turfgrass as a superintendent, historian, author and mentor to the next generations of greenkeepers. A graduate of the Ontario Agricultural College, founding director of the Canadian Superintendents Association and the GreenMaster magazine, Witteveen was a dominant presence in the Canadian golf landscape for over four decades. His fascination with turfgrass led him to research, compile and write: A Century of Greenkeeping and Keeping the Green in Canada: A history of Golf Course Management as well as co-author practical Golf Course Maintenance: The Magic of Greenkeeping and Keepers of the Green. He received multiple awards for his publications including regular contributions as a featured columnist to GreenMaster.


  • 1956-1957 superintendent for Noranda Mines Golf Club in Quebec
  • 1958 First superintendent at London Highland Country Club
  • 1961-1972 superintendent at Northwood Golf Course in Toronto
  • 1966-1972 Board of Directors for CGSA
  • 1970 President of CGSA
  • 1973-1999 superintendent at Board of Trade Country Club
  • 1973-1977 GCSAA Board of Directors and Historical Preservation Sub Committee
  • 1995 participated in TurfNet, sharing advice, opinions and experiences
  • 1999-2008 Owned and operated Pleasant View Golf Course, Brantford


  • Earned Bachelor of Arts in Science at Ontario Agricultural College in 1958
  • Founding Director of the Canadian Golf Superintendent Association 1966
  • On the Board of Directors for CGSA 1966-1972
  • CGSA president 1970
  • Initiated the GreenMaster Magazine and served as editor for 5 years


  • ScoreAward/CGSA Superintendent of the Year 1983
  • GCSAA Leo Fesser Award for best superintendent-written article in Golf Course Magazine 1983
  • CGSA John B. Steel Distinguished Service Award 1999
  • GCSAA Distinguished Service Award 2004
  • OSGA Distinguished Service Award 2007
  • Namesake for Gord Witteveen Award for outstanding writing by a superintendent for publication in GreenMaster magazine


  • Co-author, Practical Golf Course Maintenance: The Magic of Greenkeeping 1998
  • Author, A Century of Greenkeeping 2001
  • Co-author, Keepers of the Green 2002
  • Author, Keeping the Green in Canada: A History of Golf Course Management 2008
  • Author,  “The Last Word” for GreenMaster Magazine for 6 years
  • Blog “The Way I See It”