The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame is dedicated to the recognition of extraordinary contributions and accomplishments in the game of golf in Canada. Honoured members, which include amateur and professional golfers as well as builders of the sport, have been inducted on a regular basis since the inception of the Hall of Fame in 1971.


To be considered for election to the Hall of Fame, the nominee must have made an extraordinary national or international contribution to the game of golf in Canada.  There are two categories, Player (Amateur or Professional) and Builder (course designer, manager, administrator, journalist, equipment designer, etc).

Guidelines for submitting a nomination include listing nominee induction into their respective Provincial Golf Hall of Fame, Provincial Sport Hall of Fame, Golf Association Hall of Fame, City Hall of Fame and all locally recognized awards.



Every nomination must be seconded.  Individuals may not nominate themselves.  Nominations must be made on the attached forms and, together with any supporting documentation, forwarded to the Director, Heritage Services at  Electronic nominations are preferred.



          Sandra Post, Honoured Member

Committee Members

Graham Cooke, Honoured Member

Tom McCarthy

Wayne Peterson

Debbie Pyne

Garry McKay

Lorne Rubenstein, Honoured Member

Warren Crosbie

Ted Fletcher

Tiffany Gordon




The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame Selection Committee (the “Selection Committee”) is an Operating Committee of the CEO of Golf Canada. It is responsible for assisting the CEO in fulfilling his oversight responsibility related to the management of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame selection process.



The Selection Committee is composed of: three (3) Honoured Members of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame, with a minimum of two from the “Player” category; one (1) representative of the PGA of Canada; six (6) representatives comprising of members of the golf industry.



Nominations can be collected at anytime of the year. However, to be eligible for election to the Hall of Fame for the next calendar year, nominations need to be received by July 31st.  Please click here to submit a nomination.