Ada Mackenzie Challenge Trophy

Ada Mackenzie Challenge Trophy

1956 to 1970 – Junior Interprovincial

1971 to Present – Canadian Women’s Senior Championship


Canadian Golf Hall of Fame Honoured Member Ada Mackenzie was an inspiration for early women golfers in Canada, and still is today. During the first half of the 20th Century, she was one of the finest women golfers in Canada. Her accomplishments didn’t stop on the course. In 1924 she founded the Ladies Golf and Tennis Club of Toronto, a club created specifically for women. In 1930 she launched Ada Mackenzie Ltd, a quality sportswear store in Toronto. The store offered practical and comfortable apparel for women.

Ada Mackenzie also had a special interest in junior golf and took the time to encourage and advise the younger generation of female golfers. In 1955, she presented the Ada Mackenzie Trophy to the Canadian Ladies Golf Union for the Canadian Junior Inter-Provincial Championship low aggregate net score. The trophy was first played for at the Royal Colwood Golf and Country Club in Victoria B.C. In 1962 the trophy was switched to the award for the low aggregate gross score by a team.

In 1971 the Ada Mackenzie Trophy was withdrawn from junior competition and was substituted by the CLGA Challenge Trophy. It was then awarded to the newly established senior championship. The Canadian Ladies Golf Association held the first Canadian Women’s Senior Championship in 1971.  In need of a trophy, and to help in celebrating Ms. Ada Mackenzie’s induction to the inaugural class of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame, the Ada Mackenzie Challenge Trophy became the women’s senior championship trophy.  Its first champion was Mrs. R.F. Lyle and the trophy was presented by Ada herself.


Junior Provincial Team Trophy

1955 Quebec

1956 Quebec

1957 Manitoba

1958 Ontario

1959 Ontario

1960 Quebec

1961 Manitoba

1962 Quebec

1963 Alberta

1964 Saskatchewan

1965 Ontario

1966 Manitoba

1967 Ontario

1968 British Columbia and Ontario

1969 New Brunswick

1970 Ontario


Canadian Women’s Senior Champions

1971 Mrs. R.F. Lyly

1972 Mrs. T.M. Lockwood

1973 P. Austin

1974 Kay Helleur

1975 Mrs. J.R. Heisler

1976 Margaret Todd

1977 Margaret Todd 

1978 Anne Gookin

1979 Edie Creed

1980 Anne Gookin

1981 Edie Creed

1982 Edie Creed

1983 Alice Dye

1984 Alice Dye

1985 Marlene Streit

1986 Mrs. Cecil MacLaurin

1987 Marlene Streit

Shelly Stouffer, 2021 Women’s Senior Champion

1988 Marlene Streit

1989 Hatsy Hart

1990 Hatsy Hart

1991 Jo-Ann Lindsay

1992 Barbara Young

1993 Marlene Streit

1994 Gayle Borthwick

1995 Gayle Borthwick

1996 Nancy Fitzgerald

1997 Nancy Fitzgerald

1998 Nancy Fitzgerald

1999 Gayle Borthwick

2000 Gayle Borthwick

2001 Marilyn O’Connor

2002 Alison Murdoch

2003 Lynda Palahniuk

2004 Alison Murdoch

2005 Alison Murdoch

2006 Ginny Burkey

2007 Alison Murdoch

2008 Jackie Little

2009 Jackie Little

2010 Mary Ann Hayward

2011 Mary Ann Hayward

2012 Terrill Samuel

2013 Mary Ann Hayward

2014 Helene Chartrant

2015 Terrill Samuel

2016 Judith Kyrinis

2017 Sue Wooster

2018 Sue Wooster

2019 Judith Kyrinis

2020 No Championship

2021 Shelly Stouffer