Aberdeen Cup

Canadian Men’s Amateur Champion (1895 to 1907)

1895 Canadian Men’s Amateur champion Tom Harley with the only known image of the Aberdeen Cup.

More than a century old, the Canadian Amateur was first contested as one of the newly formed Royal Canadian Golf Association’s first orders of business in 1895 at the Ottawa Golf Club. Named after the man who donated and first awarded the trophy, Lord Aberdeen, the Aberdeen Cup was the first trophy in which amateurs would compete for in Canada. In its first year, only eight golfers competed for the Aberdeen Cup while two more would join the following year. It wouldn’t be until after the First World War that the championship would become a truly national event. After George S. Lyon won the championship for the third consecutive year in 1907, he was granted possession of the trophy by Lord Aberdeen. The trophy has  since been lost, and no known photographs of it exist except for the one on the left.


1895 Thomas M. Harley

1896 Stewart Gillespie

1897 W.A.H. Kerr

1898 George S. Lyon

1899 Vere C. Brown

1900 George S. Lyon

1901 W.A.H. Kerr


1902 Fritz R. Martin

1903 George S. Lyon

1904 Percy Taylor

1905 George S. Lyon

1906 George S. Lyon

1907 George S. Lyon



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